Providing efficient and cost effective support to your operations

To continuously improve your ways of working, you are constantly on the lookout for solutions that can help you become better, faster or more cost effective.  

You are however also totally focused on delivering the ultimate end-customer experience and so cannot always find the time to scour the markets for the latest trends.

we can help you

At Just ITC, we are also constantly learning from our engagements with clients. We are quick to form partnerships with companies that offer innovation to achieve the above, and will support your ambitions by bringing our services and their products or tools to you, and set up a win-win situation.


As a group Operating company, your main objectives are both to provide a seamless customer experience for your customers as they roam across your different networks, whilst also ensuring that you maximise on the synergies
that you have from your local opcos.

You can avoid duplication, introduce centres of excellence and create special deals for your end customers to create unique offerings and promote loyalty.

We will work with you at Group and Local level to ensure the success of our joint initiatives.

Telco Group Operational Synergies

Cost optimisation

Centralising group functions, processes and systems

Introducing innovative products, services & tools and rolling these out to all opcos

Benchmarking group best practice & cascading to opcos

Process Automation & Improvement

It is known that as a Service Provider, you have few variables to work with to demonstrate a competitive advantage. There are the networks that you deploy, the people that you employ and develop, the tools that your staff use in their day-to-day work and the processes that you use to deploy and manage the networks and services you have invested in.

At Just ITC our consultants are experienced Telecoms professionals who are all used to constantly being challenged to continually develop processes to support operational excellence. We can use industry standard templates such as eTOM, or by a process of audit and gap analysis, develop bespoke processes that work for any part of an organisation, given it’s maturity at that time.

Process Automation & Improvement Services

Audit and analysis of operational processes

Identification of gaps and recommendations for improvements to processes

Working with eTOM process standards if required

Implementation of new process recommendations and user training

Multi-vendor Tools Integration

Being tied to vendors for your network infrastructure is one thing, but also being tied to them for the delivery of your customer service through your operational processes and tools, is another thing entirely.  

At Just ITC we have partnered with some of the most innovative vendors of modern multi-vendor tools to bring a package of innovation and automation to your business.
Just ITC and our partners will integrate these tools into your support systems and train staff on how to operate the tools to the benefit of your operations.

Multi-vendor Tools Integration Services

Audit and analysis of tools supporting operational processes

Recommendations for improvements, or new tools if appropriate

Full tender support to develop RFP for new tools, and evaluation of responses

Integration of innovative new tools and user training

OSS Audit, Assessment and Consolidation

As Service Providers mature, you will move from initially managing the Elements in your network through to managing the Network as an entity, and then on to manage the Services that you provide, and ultimately the business as a whole.

On this road, you will purchase, develop and utilise many systems to support your Operations. As time passes however, many of these will become redundant or at best outdated. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to take a look at where you are, because of all the day to day reactive work taking place building and managing your networks.

At Just ITC our experienced consultants can analyse your OSS systems and infrastructure and identify weaknesses and legacy issues. We can recommend solutions for improvements and implement the same.

OSS Audit, Assessment and Consolidation Services

OSS analysis, identification of gaps and outdated legacy systems

Preparation of 1-3 year OSS strategy

Full tender support for new or updating of OSS systems

Implementation of recommendations from OSS strategy or analysis review

Our services are customisable and driven by our clients needs

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