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The ability to turn your company’s technology objectives and strategies into reality, comes through the capabilities you have for managing your projects.

You have to scale your project teams appropriately for the investments that you make each year.

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Just ITC can provide all of your project resource requirements from an individual Project Manager working as part of a small team through to a full Program Management Office (PMO).  

We have our own proven methodologies, templates and dashboards for managing projects, based on PMI standards, and years of experience managing both simple and complex IT and Telecom projects.

Network planning and design

The heart of any network and it’s future as a competitive asset for customer experience and operational effectiveness, will come from the design and planning stages. 

Telecom network design is always a compromise between finding the perfect location, the availability of that location, the buildability at that location and the costs of building and operating at that location.

At Just ITC, our design consultants have been working
with these challenges for many years and have developed processes and solutions with partners tools, to effectively plan and design at both high and low level in all of the following areas:

Network Planning
and Design Services

Multi-technology Cell Planning

Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Site Design

Municipality, Town and Country planning

Core Network Planning

Transmission (rf and fibre) design & planning

Network capacity planning

Network deployment supervision

Telecom rollout is an ongoing requirement for all Service Providers and depending upon the market and maturity, deployment will be required in at least one of the 
following areas mentioned on the right.

The team at Just ITC have been delivering deployment services for over 20 years in a multitude of environments. This is such a large area of investment for Operators, that an effective Program Management Organisation or PMO is essential to manage the cost, quality and time of deliveries.

Network Deployment Supervision

Rollout Supervision (New Greenfield, roadside, rooftop and In-Building Site Solutions)

Single RAN/Network Modernisation (3G and 4G/LTE)

2G/3G Expansion

FTTX Deployment

Network Performance Improvement

Network performance, service assurance and customer experience are still essential competitive differentiators for all Service Providers.

The team at Just ITC has over 10 years experience at improving the network and service performance for 3G Operators and has been involved in 2G rollout and performance improvement since 1992.

Network Performance Improvement services

KPI Monitoring and Service Quality Improvement programs

Core and RAN Optimisation

IT application load balancing

Network Benchmarking and Drive Testing

Network & Service Readiness

When an Operator invests in new technology or Services, whether it’s the launch of a new handset like the iPhone or the introduction of a new technology like 4G/LTE, it’s essential to ensure that all of your processes, systems, tools and of course people are ready to operate the new technology or service.

At Just ITC, our team have been involved in service readiness since the early deployments of 3G, and prepared and trained hundreds of clients staff members in readiness to support new technologies and services.

Network & Service Readiness

Audit and preparation of the Network for new technologies or services

Preparation and training of O&M teams to manage new services and technology

Auditing systems, processes and tools to assure readiness or identify gaps

Training for new technologies or for
personal development

Operational Effectiveness Programs

As an operator moves along the maturity timescale, operational effectiveness becomes increasingly more important. As operators grow quickly, assets are frequently not tracked and sub-optimal processes adopted just to keep afloat.

Just ITC can give you the breathing space to let an independent expert take a look at your processes, contracts, assets or costs and help identify and implement programs to improve the way that you work.

our Operational Effectiveness Programs

Asset Management

Process Improvement

Cost Optimisation

Contract Optimisation

Our services are customisable and driven by our clients needs

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