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We have one of the most complete service portfolio’s in marketing, which means that we take an end-to-end view of the marketing activities within your organisation.

In many instances we are called upon to work as the prime integrator to the marketing activities and business improvement.

we can help you

We help Organisations to determine their marketing strategy and link this to the business objectives.

We also help with organisation re-engineering, customer service audit, distribution chain and employee engagement to transform your business.

MARKETING analytics

Organisations have ever-increasing access to data on customers, competitors, channel partners and their own activities. Our Marketing Analytics solutions translate "big data" into actionable strategies.

The fundamental metrics, tools and frameworks used by Just ITC help your organisation to improve the performance
of their marketing functions and maximise return on investment.

just Analytics

Includes these great features

Practical software and tools that can provide some quick wins and obtain widespread adoption.

Identify the relationship between marketing inputs and customer behaviour.

Develop a framework for identifying the right marketing metrics for an organisation.

Develop marketing resource allocation guidelines that optimise the marketing investment.

Develop a Chain of Effects system for connecting performance metrics to marketing inputs.

Real-world experience to identify gaps and enable continuos improvement, sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

Determine and estimate the return on marketing investments and connect marketing spend to
financial returns.

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation

Identify bases for segmentation
and determine important characteristics of each market

Market targeting

Evaluate potential product
positioning and commercial attractiveness of each segment.

Market positioning

Develop detailed product positioning and a marketing mix for selected segments.

Product Design & Pricing

Just ITC product design methodology and process is developed to review the existing products within an organisation and recommend solutions that enhance products and transform services.

Our Services Include:

Design Brief

Product Design Specifications


Price Bundling

digital Strategy

Organisations nowadays face critical decisions when it comes to addressing digitisation. Digital technology is disrupting well established companies, wrecking business models and upending entire industries.

At Just ITC we help organisations anticipate and adapt to these trends, accelerating growth and transforming their brands and businesses for success in the digital world.

Our Digitial Transformation Model

Our services are customisable and driven by our clients needs

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